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Meet the Family

Looking for the perfect barn wedding venue or event center? There's a rich story to all wedding venues, but this one is special. Meet the heart and soul behind Tahoma Plantation, the Burkett family. Before a barn wedding or wedding venue, there's the journey, and this one is a testament to love, dedication, and a shared dream of creating something truly special.
High school sweethearts who have been by each other's side for 40 years. They are the proud parents of Ben Burkett, Beth Burkett, and Brittany Burkett Wilson and proud in-laws of Preston Wilson. Their story began in farming, where they lovingly tended to row crops and cattle until 2014. Annette believed they were retiring, but little did she know, their adventure was just beginning.

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In 2015, they acquired the property that would become Tahoma Plantation wedding venue. Mark, fueled by his passion for building and remodeling, decided to make this his “full-time job” after retiring from farming.

What followed was years of dedication and hard work to turn Tahoma Plantation into the breathtaking wedding venue it is today. Soon their plan quickly grew when they relocated two buildings to the primary grounds and restored them to their glory. However, the property's purpose was still up for debate. It wasn't until 2022 when Annette's urging to purchase and restore a church confirmed they had the perfect location for a unique wedding venue and event center.

But for Mark and Annette, Tahoma Plantation is about more than just creating a beautiful wedding venue and event center. It's about preserving, protecting, and promoting the stewardship of the land they hold so dear. Hence, their commitment to the land and their shared vision have created a space where love stories can flourish, and dreams can come to life.


About the plantation

Tahoma Plantation, a hidden gem nestled in Western Early County, spans over 1000 acres of pristine Georgia pines and lush pastures. Here, the essence of rustic charm seamlessly blends with southern elegance. Acquired in 2016 by Annette and Mark Burkett, this labor of love has transformed the property into a destination which lives up to its historical name, "Tahoma," which translates to "near to Heaven."

Situated on private land in a secluded setting, Tahoma Plantation offers a tranquil and serene location for your special occasions. As a family-owned wedding and event venue, we hold dear our rich traditions, passed down through generations, adding a touch of timeless heritage to any hosted events.

Our ultimate goal is to provide an exquisite venue where your endearing experience weaves with our enduring heritage, creating a harmonious fusion of your story with ours. We are genuinely excited about the prospect of hosting your event, ensuring that it becomes an exceptionally distinctive and memorable experience.

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