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The Bridal Suite

The Bridal suite

Immerse yourself in the beauty of transformation with seven meticulously designed hair and makeup stations. Each station is equipped to cater to your every beauty need, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable pampering session for the entire bridal party. The spacious 350 sq ft area allows for ample movement and relaxation, creating a haven where you can savor every moment leading up to your special day.

Adding a touch of convenience, our bridal suite features a mini-fridge, providing a refreshing spot to store beverages and treats for you and your bridal party. Revel in the privacy of your preparations with exclusive access to this beautifully appointed suite, setting the stage for an intimate and memorable start to your wedding day.

At Tahoma Plantation, we understand the significance of every detail, and our transformed bridal suite is a testament to our commitment to making your wedding day as extraordinary as you’ve envisioned. Experience the epitome of bridal luxury and preparation in our meticulously designed suite, a space where dreams come to life in every moment of anticipation.

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