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The Church

For brides looking for a more traditional exchanging of vows without sacrificing reception space, there’s our beautiful wedding chapel. In the autumn of 2022, we acquired a piece of history when we purchased and carefully relocated a beautiful church onto our property. This historical gem was originally constructed in 1870 and has a unique history. It was originally built as a Methodist Church and later became a Pentecostal Church servicing the area of southwest Georgia. It now serves as the centerpiece of Tahoma Plantation where couples of faith can say “I do!”. Beginning in January 2023, a series of meticulous renovations and restoration work were undertaken to breathe new life into this cherished structure to serve as our wedding chapel.

Our efforts to enhance the wedding chapel included the addition of a charming vestibule, the installation of stained glass windows that now bathe the interior in warm natural light, and the inclusion of six exquisite crystal and iron chandeliers. The original hardwood floors were painstakingly refinished, preserving the character of the space while bringing it into the modern era.

The original pews and oak floors within the wedding chapel are a testament to its rich history. Additionally, we introduced stained glass windows and new steeple, which now graces the skyline, adding a touch of grace and reverence to the church’s exterior. Inside, the transformation continued with the conversion of the fellowship hall into a spacious and elegant bridal suite, complete with seven hair and makeup stations to pamper the bridal party.

The inviting brick walkway that leads to the wedding chapel is crafted from reclaimed bricks salvaged from a century-old peanut warehouse, infusing the path with a sense of heritage and timelessness. Ensuring accessibility for all, we also added a handicap ramp at the back of the wedding chapel, ensuring that every guest can share in the beauty and history of this extraordinary space. These enhancements have not only preserved the church’s legacy but have also made it a truly remarkable venue for your special occasions at Tahoma Plantation.

live stream church ceremonies

Discover an exceptional feature at Tahoma Plantation – our barn venue now offers the unique capability to live stream ceremonies happening at the church. This seamless integration allows us to extend the celebration beyond the church walls, making it accessible to guests who may not fit within the church’s capacity. At Tahoma Plantation, we are dedicated to enhancing your experience, and this innovative addition is just one of the many ways we strive to create inclusive and memorable moments for all our guests.

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